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Since 2018, Inside Insight has effectively helped over a dozen companies strategize and implement their growth hacking campaigns. 

We've worked with numerous companies across a wide array of industries including the finance sector, the blockchain sector, as well as the Investor Relations sector. 

 👇 Some growth hacks that we've perfected over the years include 👇 

Boosted Content Marketing 🔥

Excellent copywriting & sharp graphics paired up with our in-house engagement pod/upvote systems. Hence, the exact same content marketing systems we use to get our posts to an organic reach of 20k+ views. 


Database Scraping ⚡

Data is definitely king, but who are the gods? The ones who can scrape it. Send over a site and have our team send you over scraped CSVs in formats that you can manipulate. 

Automated Lead Generation 🤖

What we do, in essence, is help high margin B2B companies with their lead generation needs. We are able to target B2B key decision makers across a wide array of platforms including Linkedin, Facebook & Email, and automate timed outreaches across all hit points.


Community Building & Development 📈 

An audience is as important as revenue. Our firm is able to assist your company in the establishment, growth, moderation, and maintenance of a custom developed audience whether it'd be a Whatsapp Group of Real Estate Agents or a Telegram Group of worldwide Stock Brokers.


Created by:

Kyrill Krystallis

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Having worked in both the Finance & Consulting Industry since the age of nineteen has granted Kyrill Krystallis not only a clear understanding of how B2B companies function but also knowledge on what prospects look for prior to making their purchase decision...

He now utilizes the aforementioned mix of experience & passion in assisting professionals in the scaling of their businesses through the power of data-driven growth hacking. He achieves this by deploying the latest state of the art marketing developments in data mining, artificial intelligence, search engine optimization, automated lead generation channels and paid ad campaigns. 




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