Why I am Doubling Down on Online Communities | Growth Hacking + Online Community Development 🤔

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of utilizing growth hacking strategies in an effort to build online communities.

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Online Communities + Growth Hacks


You can have my email.

You can have my phone number.

You can have my LinkedIn profile.

My Facebook profile.

My physical address.

You name it.

You can "DM" me.

Cold call me.

Send me promotional mail.

Heck, you can even send me messages by those cute little messenger pigeons.

But your overused marketing attempts won't impress me.

Now before I proceed, give me a minute or two to cover something you'll hear me say over and over again.


As a matter of fact, over-desensitization.

See, the communication of whatever, regardless of whether it'd be a marketing campaign or a sales call, requires a medium.

A salesperson can cold call me on my number and pitch me via telephone.

A growth hacker can run an automated cold outreach to DM me via LinkedIn.

Kim Kardashian can run an Instagram Ad in an effort to sell me her new make up set (or get me to check out her sextape)

All good and well thought out marketing attempts.


One issue though, I am desensitized.

See, these "hitpoints" have been so over-used that I no longer get the same rush I first did when I receive a LinkedIn message, or an ad on Instagram, or a cold call from a company.

I've been desensitized.

In other words, I don't give a f$ck about what you're selling.

But let's cover something I still care about...


Specifically, online communities I've personally joined revolving around topics I am personally interested/invested in.

What makes them so special?

Let's run over the points super quick:

Evidently, I joined the community because I care about the topic the community revolves around.

As opposed to Instagram's "follow & forget" algorithm/user behaviour, I am frequently engaging with the community in an effort to learn more about the topic and and network with other people sharing my identical interest.

Have something that I'll find of value because you KNOW it's relevant to the interest I am ACTIVELY engaged in?

Pitch me!

Tell me about it, I am all ears.

Want to DM me in an effort to network?

Do it! I'd most certainly love to increase my circle of like-minded individuals sharing the same interests as me.

And these are just some of the points that come to my mind from the perspective of the user.

Now let's flip it super quick to the perspective of the marketeer...

Common day marketing requires that you "rent" space on "foreign" distribution channels.

Want to target Facebook's multitude of audiences? Cool, feel free to rent out advertising space with some ad spend.

Want to target Linkedin's business oriented audience? No problem, just rent out some space with some ad spend.

Get the gist?

Communities allow for your own distribution/marketing channel.

No longer must you "spam" other subreddits or Facebook groups in an effort to push your message but can instead do so on your own grounds (your own distribution channel), your own Whatsapp group, your own subreddit, your own Discord channel, etc.

And lastly, no longer must you spend $$$ on ad spend in an effort to rent out space on some foreign channels in order to target X audience.

So again, communities.

And where does the elimination of the "desensitization problem" come to play?


Build your communities on those hyper-personal platforms.

Hence, exactly why I've dedicated the last 6 months or so, building groups on Whatsapp.


Because I know you'll check the group as Whatsapp is one of those "blue ocean" platforms that have yet to be massively abused by marketeers.


Build some.

It was a pleasure writing this. For any questions/propositions feel free to reach out me via Whatsapp.

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