Whatsapp Business Community(ies) & Groups | Reasons To Double Down. 🔥

Kyrill Krystallis on Whatsapp Business Communities/Groups and why they're amazing for businesses looking to build an engaged audience/community.

Whatsapp Groups/Communities
Whatsapp Groups/Communities

As you might know from my previous blog posts, mid-2020 has me doubling down on 2 things that I've deemed important;

Building ( & helping companies build) online communities across platforms like:

Whatsapp (Whatsapp Groups/Communities),

Telegram (Telegram Channels & Groups),



And lastly Facebook (Facebook Groups).

And Reddit... (But that's a different story altogether)

You can read more about my Reddit Marketing conquests here:


By July 2020, (the time I am writing this) I am already running roughly 10-15 Whatsapp groups from a wide array of niches.

Consisting of approx. 2500-3000 highly targeted community members

Some mine.

Some of the clients' that have entrusted me to build, engage and moderate their own.

What has running 10-15 Whatsapp Business Communities/Groups taught me?

People love online communities that are related to topics they're both invested and engaged in.

They love them more than ads.

More than cold calls.

More than cold outreaches.

Literally, more than anything.

The reason why?


From a user standpoint, online communities like Whatsapp Groups, allow members:

To engage with like-minded people.

Stay on top of the latest topic-related trends.

Learn more about whatever topic/community they've joined.

And most importantly, remain engaged with their particular topic of interest through methods like mastermind calls, webinars, etc.

From a community owner/company standpoint, Whatsapp Communities allow them to:

Maintain and grow their OWN distribution channel that's populated with highly targeted individuals that are MASSIVELY interested in the topic the community revolves around.

This in turn also allows for:

Better content marketing. Considering that the content is relevant to the interests/pursuits of the Whatsapp Group/Community.

Better lead generation, as literally, every single member is a potential prospect considering that the offer/pitch is relevant to the collective interest of the Whatsapp Group/Community.

And a potential thought leadership position within an industry, considering that your Whatsapp group outgrows other industry communities or monopolizes the industry/niche.

Some Case Studies of Business Whatsapp Groups/Communities I've Built for both myself & clients.

Let's take a close look at Growth Hackers Inc. which are both Whatsapp & Facebook Group native communities/groups.

I'd initially started it primarily for the purpose of networking with other Growth Hackers in an effort to learn more about the "trade" and stay ahead of any new trends emerging in the craft.

It started with 3 members...

After some Reddit Content Growth Hacking,

Some Linkedin Automated Outreaches to everyone titled Growth Hacker on Linkedin.

And, some Youtube Content Marketing paired with killer optimization.

We are at approx. 500 Growth Hackers strong.

That's an entire audience, an entire community.

I've yet to monetize it as I'd hate to offer useless garbage, however, several premium offers are being developed.

I am thinking of a premium newsletter, but that's another blog post. ;)

Regardless of monetization though, the Whatsapp Group offers Growth Hackers the following benefits:

The ability to learn from one another.

The ability to source gigs from people interested in hiring growth hackers.

The ability to be exposed to content that's relevant to their interests.


You get the gist.

Now let's look at another Whatsapp Group/Community I've built:


Trendhackers is a "trending product/trending service" aggregator that collects information from a wide array of points including Google Trends, Exploding Topics, Buzzsumo, and other sources, and sends it out to subscribed entrepreneurs interested in setting up businesses upon these trends.

The whole thing started as an idea until my client gave me a call explaining the concept paired with a green light to start building an audience.

I immediately thought, let's start some freemium Whatsapp groups offering entrepreneurs the ability to join their channels and test their aggregated info, all from their phones/Whatsapp's.

Within weeks, we had maxed out a total of 5 groups all filled with a wide range of entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on trends.

The freemium structure of our content marketing plan translated into people clicking on the link in the description, heading over to the website and purchasing a $1 monthly trial prior to becoming committed subscribers.

We were able to not only grow a loyal user base from the Whatsapp Communities/Groups but also pre-validate the idea with an audience-first based approach.

Anyways, hope you guys found this post valuable.

P.S. If you're considering launching a community or growing an existing one, then feel free to reach out to me directly via Whatsapp.

We've done it before and are more than happy to do it again.

It was a pleasure writing this, and as always, make sure to join our Growth Hackers Inc. Facebook Group.