What is Lemlist

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of "What is Lemlist", and a small deep into Lemlist's capabilities + functionality.

Lemlist is essentially an email automation tool that allows you to send 100 email per day (automatically) to a pre-defined list with a pre-defined copy, with a certain time-out between the emails sent.

Again, all done automatically through their UI but with one thing that differentiates it from all other tools out there, (say, Gmass) the timeout.

It essentially plugs right into your Gsuite, you upload your email list (CSV), create your copy, create your follow-ups, and voila, set a time zone you'd like it to send emails in, and wait...

Below you'll find me showcasing Lemlist along with several other growth hacky scrapes.

Video of Kyrill Krystallis showcasing Lemlist along with other growth hacks 🤖

So in the session above, you'll see us scraping emails from businesses within a certain region. (Directly from Google Maps using Phantombuster)

To achieve this we use the following flow:

Google Maps Search → Phantombuster Google Maps Scraper → URLS → Scrapebox Email Grabber → Super Email Validator → Lemlist

Briefly put, in this example, we scraped Google Maps within the Dublin Region using Phantombuster's Google Maps Scraper.

Once that's done, we then added the scraped URLs into Scrapebox in an effort to utilize its Email Grabber.

Once the emails were grabbed, we then used the Super Email Validator to make sure that we avoid major bounces to not damage our domain's reputation.

Once the emails were verified, we then moved them over to Lemlist to plug them into an email campaign.

As mentioned, Lemlist essentially allows you to automate your email outreach by sending 100 emails daily with a time-out in between, which differentiates it from other mail sending tools out there.

Excellent for high margin B2B, but not quite the tool for transactional B2C.

Hope you guys found this of value.

Kyrill Krystallis

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