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Those Cheap B2B Lead Generation Strategies Nobody Talks About 👈

Kyrill Krystallis on several highly affordable Business to Business Automated Lead Generation Strategies.

So, recently, after having discovered that very few understand the power of marketing automation, especially in the context of B2B businesses, I've decided to compile a quick 2-3 minute guide showcasing how:

By simply pairing up our favourite platforms with several low-cost automation tools, we're able to get anywhere from 5-10 high qualified calls per week depending on the industry, niche, offer and available accounts.

*Again, please note that these strategies are most applicable for B2B Businesses. Especially high margin ones. Examples include Marketing Agencies, Corporate Law Firms, Accounting Firms, etc.

Let's start off with Linkedin:

Automating your Linkedin Outreaches using tools Like We-connect & Duxsoup.

I am sure most know this one but it's HIGHLY effective nonetheless. What it essentially means is that you use a tool like We-connect or Duxsoup to automate your connection & initial message requests towards a certain search result.

An example being: "CEO" AND "CMO" (Boolean Search) with parameters of Industry: Biotechnology, Location: United States.

Linkedin will load up search results of the most relevant individuals which, when used with automation tools, allows you to outreach to them automatically.

*I know several people complain about the fact that automation tools are dangerous and can get your account banned, however, I've personally never had this problem as long as I stayed within the limits of 90 per day and ONLY automated on accounts aged 1 year up.

Scraping Linkedin Search Results for Cold Email Outreaches.

So this method is pretty simple. 50-60% of individuals on Linkedin typically include an email attached to their profile. What this means is for those looking to generate calls/conversations is that by using tools like Duxsoup (for instance) you're able to scrape search results and pull those email addresses in CSV format back to you.

Pair these results up with a mail merging tool like Gmass and you've essentially got yourself a cold email outreach list & tool.

My favourite template for this type of outreach is:


Hey, came across your profile & email on Linkedin.

Wanted to send over some more information but before I do, I wanted to verify whether this is the correct email to reach you on.

(Most of our emails on Linkedin are typically outdated...)

Awaiting your response,


I do this primarily because this is indeed a cold email outreach and the worst thing you'd want is people reporting you for spam/unsolicited emails, therefore I typically do this in a two-step conversational tone, hence, automating a second response with the "offer" to anyone that has replied.

*Note: You can even use tools like Integromat (Like Zapier but cheaper) to pair the APIs of the Lead Gen Tool directly to your Gmail account, so whenever an email is spotted, the cold email outreach happens automatically.

Using Phantombuster to scrape & mass message on Facebook.

So this one is a little more unheard of and works like a gem for B2B. It basically entails the following:

-Finding & Scraping Facebook Groups (Their member list into CSV format)

-Using a tool like Phantombuster (specifically their Facebook Messaging Script) to outreach to the scraped list of accounts in an effort to secure conversations/calls.

One of the main reasons why I like this strategy is because getting a B2B message on Facebook is WEIRD.

And that's perfect.

It means that there's a lack of the same over-desensitization we have on other platforms (email for example) and it's pretty personalized.

My favourite ad lead gen alternative???

At the moment, if I were to focus on B2B Lead Gen and I had to run ads, I'd probably not run Facebook ads but instead run Linkedin's Conversation Ads.

Linkedin has been known for being notoriously expensive to advertise on. Same results you get on FB & Google's PPC for $300 requires a minimum of $800-$1000 on Linkedin.

But it seems like things are changing.

I speculate that Linkedin has understood it's automation problem and has decided to roll out a cheaper advertising alternative that's more scalable & flexible that it's previous InMail ad system.

All this in an effort to move "automators" from the 3rd party automation tools directly into Linkedin's ad platform.

They're currently in beta, usable to all, but under development, and they seem pretty promising.

I've run a small test (budget of $400) with them towards a small demographic and the results were as good automation, to say the least, we're now optimizing to see if we can get better results.

Anyways, that's that boys & girls. If you exclude Linkedin's Conversation ads you've basically got yourself a toolset that costs less than $100 per month yet has the ability to source you 30-40 qualified calls per month.

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