Scraping Hundreds of Linkedin Emails From A Simple Google Search In Minutes 🤖

Kyrill Krystallis demonstrating how to scrape hundreds of Linkedin emails directly through Google Searches...

What's up guys, so this growth hack is relatively simple. Simple enough to not require a video explanation hence exactly why I am explaining it in a simple blog post.

It essentially allows us to scrape hundreds of targeted emails from Linkedin directly through what's called a "Linkedin Xray Google Search."

To complete this, you'll need a free chrome extension called Email Exporter.

Download it from here:

And the Linkedin Xray Search Aggregator, which you can access from here:

Let's kick it off with an example:

Say I wanted to scrape all gmail addresses of certain CEOs in the UK.

I'd head over to, and enter the following parameters:

Once that's done, we're bound to get the following search string:

Copy paste this search string directly into chrome, and make sure you have your settings set to 100 search results at once.

Search String: "CEO" "London" -intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR

Between -intitle:"profiles" and -inurl:"dir/ ", add "".

Hit search, scroll to the bottom, and enjoy...

Your email exporter tool should have scraped all the emails directly from the search results' SEO description.

Rinse & repeat across all search results and tada...

Regarding cleaning the emails for free/bounce checking before a cold outreach, I strongly recommend Super Email Validator V43.

Free and straight to the point.

Which you can get here:

Make sure to have Port 25 open for full SMTP access.

And that's that.

I came across this growth hack whilst researching Linkedin Scraping methods by combining both Bing & Scrapebox, which I am close to finalizing soon!

So stay tuned...

For any questions, ping me on Whatsapp:

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I am out...

Kyrill Krystallis