Reddit Affiliate Marketing + Growth Hacking | How To Drive Traffic To Your "Whatever" 👈

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of Growth Hacking Reddit and driving traffic to your content, website or affiliate links...

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Reddit Growth Hacking & Affiliate Marketing

(Explanatory video available at the bottom)

So, Reddit!?!

A community of hundreds of thousands of users, with approx. 21 billion screen views per month.

I mean, come on.

It makes perfect sense that businesses would consider this platform as a hub for driving traffic to either their website, their communities or their content.

Now, despite the numbers and how "seducing" these stats can be, Reddit isn't exactly your typical "post & forget" platform.

It does require some out of the box thinking, a little bit of growth hacking, some copywriting, couple of upvote bots, some VPNs, and a little bit of research to understand exactly what certain subreddits like to "roll with" and a good amount of time.

Within the video below, you can see me:

Choosing a specific subreddit.

Researching its latest top posts to understand what the community likes and doesn't like.

Spending approx. 30-45 mins compiling a minimum of 1000-1500 words of a "blog post" to use as the "payload".

Upvoting the "blog post" with the use of (upvote provider) once I've verified that the post has surpassed initial moderation efforts.

*It sucks when you upvote the hell out something only to find out it was initially shadowbanned.*

Plugging in the link into the comments section of our "payload". (From another account + VPN)

Monitoring the post, and the initial progression of the comments to avoid what's known as a "Reddit Sh%tstorm".

Rinsing & repeating.

Now, please also note that within the video itself, I am driving traffic from a certain subreddit, to a pre-established Whatsapp community.

You are not limited to this.

You can instead, drive traffic to a relevant blog post.

Link to a certain website that's related to the subreddit you've selected.

Plug in an affiliate link that's relevant.

Note how often I point out the importance of relevance.





It's quintessential.

Reddit is a pretty smart platform.

They can see through bullsh%t in a click of a finger.

Hence exactly why I ALWAYS recommend thinking out the process properly + putting in a decent amount of time into the content that you'll be using as a "payload".

Conclusively speaking, my results with Reddit are pretty decent when compared to other platforms. I deal mainly with community building and as a result we've had SINGLE posts drive as many as 200 members within 24 hours.

Let's do the math real quick: 50 Upvotes = $17

$17 / 200 members = 0.085 cents per join.

Within the recorded video below we had 30 members join the group and 2 sign up, on-site, for the $1 trial.

Of course, not as good as the example above, but decent either way.

Enjoy ;)

It was a pleasure recording this growth hack. Should you need more information feel free to reach out to me direct on Whatsapp.


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Kyrill Krystallis