Low Cost (Cheap Marketing) Growth Hacks For Start-Ups | No BS Guide 👈

Kyrill Krystallis discussing several low cost growth hacks you can roll out with little to no spend.

Low Cost Growth Hacks.
Low cost (Cheap) Growth Hacks

I am "writing this guide" in an effort to guide you in the right direction.

Driving traffic, getting those B2B calls, or those B2C sales isn't really rocket science.

It all falls down to these low cost (cheap) growth hacks that I've categorized in 2 sections.

B2C & B2B, both applicable to you regardless of whether you're in SaaS, are an agency, or a blog.

So let's start of with B2B.

Business to business, of course, means that you're a business doing business with other businesses.

So many businesses.

Therefore the most applicable platform for you would be platforms containing other businesses.



Specific Facebook Groups.

So, some quick B2B ideas for you:

Linkedin Automation: Say, you're a B2B SaaS business and need other businesses to purchase your solution. One quick recommendation is, of course, the "staple" of growth hacking in 2020. Linkedin Automation done through low-cost tools like We-connect, Duxsoup or Phantombuster.



-Set up your tool of choice.

-Identify your target market. (Say, accounting firms.)

-Prepare some templates for your 1st connection message, 2nd and 3rd follow up.

And tada, you're now automatically outreaching to approx. 100 prospects per day, 3000 per month, all for the maximum cost of approx of $50 per month. (PS. Hyper-targeted)

All explained in detail here:

Linkedin Engagement Pods: Now let's say, you're a B2B agency that not only wants to outreach for a low-cost price but you also want to have that traffic come directly to you.

Low cost recommendation?

Linkedin + Engagement Pods.


Super simple.

-Creative captivating video & written content on a "bi-daily" (not sure if that's a word) basis. Post on Linkedin and make sure to be backed by an engagement pod, like Lempod for instance, that's relevant to the topic you're creating content on.

The math?

Easy 1000-2000 views of your content per post.


All for 5$ per month, per pod. Less than a McMeal...

We've broken down the Linkedin Algorithm for you here:

Hope you like Big Macs?


Let's cover a B2C method real quick.

Business to consumer, of course, meaning that instead of selling to a business you're selling directly to an individual.

So, in this scenario, you're a B2C SaaS company selling calendar planning services to students. Totally an example.

Go on Facebook, join a couple of student union groups. Every university usually has a ton of Facebook communities. Scrape the member list, export it into CSV. Plug it into a tool like Phantombuster and have 2-3 Facebook accounts message 20-30 students per day with a template sequence you made.

Again, cheap and resourceful.

Video explanation of hijacking Facebook communities can be found here:

Another one, say you want to drive traffic to your single mom blog that makes money by selling info-products.

Again, simple.

Research several communities on Reddit. Identify what their top-performing posts are and understand what those subredditors engage positively with.

Create several long-form blog posts (2-3) centred around the topics of the targeted subreddits.

Post and run several upvote bots (Soar.sh) directly on the content your pushing.


500 views + all thanks to a $15 upvote bot buy on Soar.sh

Again, it doesn't have to be expensive.

Fully covered here:

Hope you guys found this of value.

The initial marketing necessary to get your wheels off the ground doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.

It was a pleasure writing this.

Feel free to message me directly on Whatsapp should you have any questions regarding the aforementioned.

Additionally, make sure to join our Facebook Growth Hackers Inc. Group for more hacks of this sort.

Kyrill Krystallis