Linkedin’s 2020 Algorithm Explained 👈

Watch as Kyrill Krystallis dissects several of Linkedin’s top performing posts in an effort to explain how the algorithm works.

Best way to learn anything? (Especially marketing…) Emulate the best…

I’ll explain.

On a daily basis, the last thing on my task list is always a task called “edu”, short for education.

This means that I have to spend a minimum of an hour per day educating myself on business development, videography, or marketing.

Now as an individual who mostly practises self-education, I am always looking to optimize the process for the highest reward in relation to the time spent.

How is this done?


By emulating the best considering that they already have the necessary proven systems that I am after.

And, only once I’ve mastered their “basics”, will I sprinkle my 10–15% of differentiation/uniqueness.

Same applies to Linkedin native content marketing.

Looking to boost your Linkedin results?

Emulate the best.

The “perfect” post I am dissecting in this example is that of a gentleman called Sivaraj Parthiban.

It serves an excellent example of how one can utilize the Linkedin algorithm for maximized organic exposure.