Linkedin Automation 🤖 (Weconnect) + Auto Emailing 📧 Via Integromat | Automated Lead Generation

This automated lead generation guide (video below) shows you how to bundle We-connect (Cloud Based Linkedin Automation tool) along with Google sheets & Gmail all thanks to the automation/bundling powers of Integromat (alternative to Zapier).

It's important to note that I am in no way affiliated with any of the tools used, I just use them for my own lead generation needs, and those of clients.

Quick rundown through the toolkit:

We-connect: is a Cloud based lead generation tool. I remember switching to this from Duxsoup several months ago as I realized that Linkedin started cracking down on Chrome Extension tools. Up to this point, I've had no problem whatsoever and have found great use in the tool's webhook function :)

Gmail: Well, we all know what Gmail is...

Google sheets: Same as above.

Integromat: "Glue of the internet" type of tool. Just like Zapier, but cheaper with more webhooks. Easy to use, and pretty kick ass Facebook Community.


Honestly speaking, so far so good. This bundle, allows me to not only capture the emails of Linkedin profiles our bots interact with but also send out that initial email (I've found that question based approaches typically work best...)

The emails avoid spam filters, as they are simple & .txt only.

And they're non-invasive in the nature of the copy, but instead set up a foundation for other drip sequences to follow, which I've yet to set up.

And that's that.

If you need help building this out make sure to join our Growth Hackers Inc. Facebook Group:

We'll help you out in there.

But otherwise, keep on hacking.


Kyrill Krystallis

Master Chief