Linkedin Automation & Lead Generation Guide 2020 🤖

So this video is one I recorded on the topic of Linkedin Lead Generation via the use of Automation Tools.

The two tools I mention are Dux Soup & We-Connect.

I’ve got no affiliation with them whatsoever but simply use them for my personal & corporate outreaches.

In brief: (To summarize the video itself)

Linkedin is no longer that “blue ocean” that it once was 2–3 years ago.

People have become desensitized to the platform.

Outreach tools allow for mass quantity, however, a touch of quality is definitely a necessity if you’re looking to get those calls scheduled.

You can use automation tools not only for lead generation but also for community building purposes.

Both tools, and most tools out there, grant the user a CSV containing the collected lead data upon which further automations can be ran.

(Check PhantomBuster & Integromat for example…)

And that’s that.

For any questions, simply comment below. (I always respond.)