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How To Scrape TikTok Profiles For Emails

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of how to scrape TikTok Profiles for emails...

Tool Stack:

Scrapebox: https://www.insideinsight.at/post/how-to-scrape-instagram-emails-scrapebox-guide-discount-collect-emails-with-scrapebox

Super Email Validator: https://h-educate.com/super-email-validator/

Lemlist: https://www.lemlist.com

So in this segment, we showcase how to use Scrapebox to scrape Google indexed TikTok profiles and their respective emails.

*Full video available below*

This scrape can be used for TikTok Influencer marketing outreaches, B2B outreaches, etc.

The process itself is fairly simple:

We use the following Google search query: site:www.tiktok.com/@AND ("@gmail.com" OR "@hotmail.com" OR "@yandex.ru" OR "@icloud.com" OR "@yahoo.com") AND (NICHE)

The Tiktok.com/@ segment makes sure that Google only pulls TikTok profiles for the scrape, and not videos nor posts.

The ("@gmail.com" OR "@hotmail.com" OR "@yandex.ru" OR "@icloud.com" OR "@yahoo.com") tells Google that we ONLY want profiles including one of the aforementioned emails within the bio itself.

The "AND (NICHE)" segment allows us to hone in on a certain niche as opposed to simply grabbing all profiles with emails.

What this looks like in Scrapebox 👆

Full video of me showcasing how to apply this scrape can be found here:


Hope you found this of value.

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