Growth Hacking Tools in 2020 | Some Key Tools You Should Know Of. 👈

Kyrill Krystallis covering the topic of key Growth Hacking tools every Growth Hacker must know in 2020...

I was recently scouring the web for article ideas...

Searched up, "Growth Hacking Tools" to understand what the general conception is regarding our community's most used tool kits, only to find this:

Snippet of "Growth Hacking Tools"
Growth Hacking Tools 2020

The above prt scr (taken from my Samsung) is Google's "best ranked" resource for this search query.

Article is written by "", which I have been seeing around for quite some time but have never fully researched.

All in all, his information is somewhat, and I stress the term somewhat, correct, however, there's many growth hacking tool kits/tool sets he either forgot to mention or had no idea about.

His mention of Fiverr being a growth hacking tool, for example, could've easily been replaced with a tool just about every Growth Hacker uses;

Growth Hacking Tool #1 | Phatombuster, or it's competitor, Texau.

What is Phantombuster:

Phantombuster is essentially a collection of growth hacking tools all made available to you for a monthly subscription of, I think, $30.

Their subscriptions work with time, meaning that with $30 gets you 3 hours of daily automations.

Note that their scripts run in the background for you.

What Growth Hacking Tools do they offer?

Phantombuster basically offers automations on just about every major platform there is.

They've got LinkedIn messaging automations, connection request automations, Facebook messaging automations, Facebook group scrape scripts, Instagram DM automations, as well several scripts for Twitter which I've yet to check out primarily due to my lack of current involvement with Twitter altogether.

They literally offer everything. It's like the Swiss Army Knife version of Scrapebox, but for everything.

Some of Phantombuster's automations.
Growth Hacking Tools | Phantombuster

(I haven't tested Texau up to this point, but they seem to offer exactly everything that Phantombuster offers...)

My experience with Phantombuster;

It's literally been the core, bread & butter, of my growth hacking game on a wide array of platforms. I am still actively using it on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Slack.

Awesome tool with a very diverse set of automation tools.

Let's cover another one that was mentioned on, Zapier.

Now, I know Zapier is really good for building automated workflows, BUT, whilst trying to onboard a marketing automation tool I came across something potentially a little bit better.

Growth Hacking Tool #2 | Integromat.

Integromat is basically just like Zapier, but cheaper, and it comes with an entire Facebook Community which I am literally in love with.

I don't think there's anything that Zapier offers that Integromat doesn't, or whether it works with any app that can't be "webhooked" or "API'd", but it generally does it at a much cheaper rate.

Your standard account comes at, I think $25, which is literally half the price of Zapier.

And, most importantly, you gain access to a Facebook community filled with other automation freaks constantly trying to automate workflow from one platform to another.

Not only is it a perfect & free networking ground, but you literally DON'T need any customer support because the community solves questions for one another.

Facebook Community
Growth Hacking Tools | Integromat

Anyways, they're really good and they're rising.

You can check them out here: ;)

Generally speaking, there's a bunch more but just to name a few and give a quick rundown on their purpose and function, I'd like to mention the following:

Growth Hacking Tool #3 | Lempod:

Linkedin Engagement Pod. Join pods, post content, and have a swarm of real profiles like and comment on your posts in order to get it's engagement (and organic views) up. It works really well because Linkedin's algorithm favours posts that are well engaged with as opposed to those "shadow posts" nobody likes/comments on.

Once people start liking/commenting on a post, Linkedin will analyze the profiles of these individuals and create a look alike audience that's similar to the people initially engaging/liking.

Logic: Marketers liked the post? Show it to more marketers. CEOs liked the post? Show it to more CEOs. Etc.

Growth Hacking Tool #4 | Gmass

Gmass: Hell of a tool for small scale cold email outreaches, especially for email lists within the range of 100-300 cold emails. Very cheap, at something like $12 p/month, and I personally love their Spam Solver tool. It shows you exactly what you need to do in order to avoid spam filters.

Gmass Love
Growth Hacking Tool | Gmass

Plus, it's literally a beast when paired up with Sendgrid's servers for cold mail lists bigger than the 300 limit I mentioned above.

Growth Hacking Tool #5 | Selenium...

Then, we've got Selenium IDE. This little chrome extension has the power equivalent to a "Growth Hacking Nuke" so to say. You can be an absolute no-code fool (have zero understanding of any code or IDE whatsoever) yet still automate your browser...

As mentioned, it's a Chrome extension that has the ability to record your browser actions, lay them out in editable steps, and then repeat them for you automatically. This effectively means that you can add new steps/commands, hence, building an entirely new automation sequence out of it.

Below, you'll see a video of me building/showcasing a Product Hunt mass follow bot.

Awesome tool. Get yours for chrome here:

And that's some of the growth hacking tools that I felt had to be covered.

It was a pleasure writing this article.

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Kyrill Krystallis