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Growth Hacking Medium - Jared Codling's TFS Style

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of Growth Hacking Medium. Full tutorial on how to use Microworkers in conjunction with Medium for extra traction.

So I recently decided to test one of Jared Codling's Growth Hacks.

Specifically, the Medium one, as I've been using Medium for quite some time now myself to rank quick on low difficulty keywords.

This test consisted of:

-An article that I've already posted on one of my blogs.

-Microworkers (to boost the medium article) + ($10).

-and of course, a medium account.

The test was a success.

Not so much from a CTA perspective, which linked to lightly priced info-product, our bootcamp (for test purposes)...

But more so from a cheap PR & backlinking perspective.

The publications themselves usually maintain high domain authorities meaning that if they link back to you, your DA goes up too.

And from the cheap PR perspective...

Well, anyone in PR is going to know that $16 per article is REALLY cheap.


It was a pleasure testing this for you)

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