Growth Hacking Case Study: 25,000k Deal + 180 Leads in less than 60 days...

8topuz is a trading software provider that allows their clients access to the markets with the assistance of an AI trading software that's able to generate anywhere from 1.6% to 3.7% monthly based on the portfolio's capital.

Their firm relies on both B2B & B2C transactions. B2B from the aspect of 8topuz doing business with Introducers & Family Officers, and B2C from the aspect of them offering their financial products direct to consumer.

8topuz sought assistance in both it's B2B lead generation strategy and community building & management strategy.

They wanted to boost their monthly B2B partner sign-ups, as well as build a Whatsapp Community of qualified Family Offices.

Our proposition centred around Linkedin Automated Lead Generation, Email Outreaches, as well as Community Building & Management.

We identified both objective's outreach targets and ran dual outreaches that were carefully crafted considering their purpose.

The main campaign, consisted of us scraping Linkedin's database of profiles titled as "Introducing Brokers", and running personalized outreaches to them from a variety of accounts...

Whilst the secondary campaign, consisted us scraping Linkedin's Sales Navigator database of individuals operating in C-Level positions of worldwide Family Offices.

Both campaigns ran across Linkedin, and were then backed up by an email outreach (we attained the emails from the Linkedin).

Examples of our outreaches can be seen below:


Within 60 days, Inside Insight was able to provide Octopuz with as many as 180 qualified introducer leads, one of which turned into a noteworthy 25K+ deal size partnership, as well as build them a Whatsapp Group consisting of 80+ prequalified family offices.

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