Growth Hacking Bootcamp Curriculum & Schedule

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Our bootcamp will start on the 2nd of September 2020 and will be split up into 5 segments.

Calendar invites for all sessions will be sent in a few days.

*Note that all sessions will be recorded, so if you can't attend, they'll be sent to you.

*All sessions will last for 2 hours.


All sessions will begin at 7pm EEST and will last an hour 50 minutes each. Our first session starts on the 2nd of September, our second on the 7th, our third on the 11th, our fourth on the 14th and our final on the 16th. *Calendar invites are already being sent to all ticket holders.

The first session will be comprised of Facebook & Medium and we'll be covering:


Mass Facebook Outreaches To A Pre-Defined Audience of Profiles.

Entire Facebook Group Scrapes & our so-called "Group Hijacks".

Basics of Facebook Ads.

Everything I know about Cloaking... (Not much, but everything)


Article optimization tips used to outrank entire SEO optimized websites on the keywords that matter most to you and your firm.

Jared Codling's Medium "Up-clap" hack using Microworkers.

The second session will be comprised of:


Hyper-Targeted Linkedin Automated Outreaches.

Linkedin Content Marketing Campaigns boosted by Engagement Pods.

​Entire Linkedin Personal Email Extractions.


Advanced rundown of Quora manipulation for using it to rank on search results both organically and via Google's SERP Rich Snippet Feature.

The third:


Advanced Youtube Optimization Ranking Strategies. The exact same strategies we've used to rank within the top 5 results on hundreds of keywords.


In-depth explanation how to scrape search results and convert them into pre-cleaned email lists.

​Two-Step Cold Email Campaigns That Don't End Up in Spam. (Close to Guaranteed) + Free Email Verification Service

The fourth:


Content Marketing Campaigns Backed By Mass Upvote Bots that have the ability to substitute a start-ups entire ad spend...


Demonstrating how to code a simple mass follow/unfollow bot for Product Hunt using Selenium.

And, the 5th is bound to be a Q&A designed to answer all the questions you'd accumulate throughout the Bootcamp itself.

For those who've already registered & paid, event invites will be sent to your calendars shortly.

And for those interested, you can book your ticket via this link:

Let's do this.

If you have any questions, simply respond to this email.

I'm out.

Kyrill Krystallis