Does Content Marketing Still (Really) Work? Blendtec's & IslandHunter's Content Marketing Strategy

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of Content Marketing in 2021 and an analysis of both Blendtec's & Island Hunter's Content Marketing Strategy.

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What do you see here?

You see a nice blog post breaking down the elements necessary to fix a car with no prior experience.

How about here?

You see a Youtube video showing you how to set up Google Ads...

And, how about here?

You see a podcast talking about relationship advice.

What do I see?

I see money...

I see well-thought-out content marketing strategies that are designed to not only keep you engaged but are also implicitly engineered to make you convert.

And trust me, I know, I am a marketer.

What's Content Marketing, you may ask?

Definition of content marketing
Definition of content marketing

the "type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services."

See, people love consuming content...

Regardless of whether it's through a Television show, A Youtube Video, or Netflix show.

It takes our mind off things.

It allows us to cool off after a long day of work.

It teleports us to a reality of where our problems no longer exist.

Now let's take a thorough look at 2 of the best content marketing strategies ever made.

One being consumer goods & the other being private islands...

Blendtec's Content Marketing Strategy:

blendtec's will it blend?
Blendtec's will it blend

Now let's start with a company you may already know of.

Blendtec, a residential & commercial blender seller...

Founded before the 2000s by Tom Dickson right after leaving Alza, Blendtec wasn't exactly having the best of times...

They lacked market awareness.

Nobody knew about them.

Year on Year revenue was tiny...

See, blenders are generally boring...

There's nothing awesome about them other than their motors RPMs...

But pair a blender with a bag of 50 marbles or an iPad, and you just might have your viewers' ATTENTION.

It's unusual, it's crazy, it takes your mind off things.

Also, note that your initial need of ever having a blender might not be there...

But a company like Blendtec is capable of maintaining your attention for years to come through its ingenious content marketing strategy.

You'll watch video after video, for months to come.

So what happens once you actually decide you need a blender?

Who do you go to once you actually decide it'd be cool to have an appliance in your kitchen that's capable of blending healthy smoothies?

You'll go to Blendtec.

Because you know them, and you've been watching them for months.

Plus it's cool to have one because everybody knows about them.

Why have a blender that can just blend veggies when you can have one that can also blend an entire iPhone..

That's the power of content marketing...

Take a second to look at all the all options made available to digital marketers.

We have ads, we have direct cold calls, and then we have content.

Ads are intrusive.

Cold calls are annoying.

Content though is permission-based marketing.

Successful content marketers generally operate from the standpoint of "make enough noise and they'll come".

Everybody knows the difference in attitude between an inbound prospect and an outbound prospect.

Inbounds WANT to be sold to.

Outbounds just hopped on a call with you because you've bugged them enough and at the right time.

Content marketing creates the aforementioned inbound traffic that WANTS to be sold to.

The main difficulty with any content marketing strategy, however, is the TIME necessary to get it up & going.

Ads, whether it be Facebook or Google Ads, provide somewhat of a scalability or acceleration factor.

Want to increase how many people see your content, increase the ad spend.

Want to increase how fast people see it, click on accelerated delivery.

Content marketing, on the other hand, has somewhat of a longer feedback loop.

Weeks, months, and in some cases maybe years.

But don't let that deter you, however, get it right and you'll own your industry.

Content marketing isn't only useful in engaging people with humorous or distracting content, it can only also be to educate your prospects about specific matters.

Do that correctly, and your content WON'T only be seen as cool or funny but you'll actually become the industry's thought leader.

Do it in antiquated industries where your competition looks down upon platforms like Youtube, TikTok & Instagram due to their "old-way" stubbornness and you might just become an industry-wide thought leader in as little as 90 days.

I've seen it happen on numerous occasions.

I've seen it within the finance & investment industry, where most companies operate on a hyper corporate basis with their maximum being a Linkedin company post.

And, I've personally helped a client do it in the Crypto consulting industry where competition mostly hid behind their screens due to the wild-west scammy nature of the industry.

Stand out.

Make noise.

Watch them come.

Island Hunters | Private Island Content Marketing...

Some months ago I started researching other weird & untapped industries to understand what marketing they use to operate and bring in their profits.

I looked at private yachts...

Private jets...

James Edition, which is basically the Amazon for millionaires, selling everything from golden AK-47s to secure end to end encrypted phones.

And then I caught grasp of Private Islands...

2 sites catch the majority of the search term's traffic.

Vladi Private Islands is owned by a man who has been in the game for quite some time since the late 70s to be exact...

He is more old-school from the looks of it...

And Private Islands Online is owned by Chris Krolow...

What caught my attention is that Chris Krolow doesn't ONLY own private islands online but also ran a show called Island Hunters where potential buyers visit various exotic and unique island properties in different parts of the world and decide whether to buy or rent them.

Blendtec would record their blenders blending weird objects.

Whilst Chris Krolow would record his entire sales process & release it on TV.

Sure, private islands are already cool on their own, they don't really need much content marketing...

But after watching Island Hunters, there's only one agency on my mind and that's Chris Krolow's

A successful content marketing strategy can be created for any company, regardless of their industry.

The most important question is, however, how is it serving its target market?

Is it entertaining?

Is it informative?


And, of course, is it consistent?

Creating your own content marketing strategy...

Before we jump into the tips & tricks necessary to create your own content marketing strategy, let's take a quick look at some of the most frequently found types of businesses.

You have service providers, like myself & my agency, Inside Insight.

You have eCommerce brands, like that of Blendtecs...

You have info-products, like my Growth Hacking Bootcamp...

You have SaaS companies, like your Linkedin automation tool, Expandi...

Regardless of their type, they all deal with people.

Looking at businesses from the perspective of B2B or B2C can be helpful, but at times it can also be misleading...

Transactions are primarily done because one party can solve another party's problem...

At a certain price of course.

That's one potential content marketing strategy.

Implicitly flexing your ability & know how to solve a problem that your target market may be having...

Dealing with a complex industry?

Create content where you simplify it, where you guide your audience through the complexities associated with their pain-points.

Chew down the complexity for them.

Not only will your company be known as the industry's problem solver...

But you might also gain one of those thought-leadership positions I spoke about previously.

Selling e-commerce on the other hand?

Have your team follow up with your buyers routinely asking for a video review in return for a discount on future purchases.

Not only are you stocking up on the MOST SOUGHT OUT piece of content any company can wish for, User Generated Content, but you're also increasing the potential lifetime value of every single customer.

See, content is not only able to keep viewers hooked for months to come until the need to purchase or hire is there...

But it also can create, maintain & fuel communities.

Some of the biggest info product & ecomm brands I am aware of, not only maintain a consistent content marketing strategy but will also build a Facebook group behind it.


Because they own the distribution channel.

They can share within it, whatever they want, whenever they want.

For those selling high margin services, our agency will typically recommend a Whatsapp group to support the content marketing strategy.

We've personally found that Whatsapp lacks the notification desensitization that a platform like Facebook or Telegram carries with it.

People check their Whatsapp notifications a lot more often than they do random Facebook notifications.

Keep in mind that communities are also key in decreasing the length of your content marketing strategies feedback loop.

Your community will tell you what it likes and what it dislikes a lot faster than say online strangers that have never engaged with your brand before.

The main keys I've found behind any content marketing strategy are the following:

The content feeds into our primary basic human psychology: It's either funny, engaging, or educational.

It's consistent. People know when to expect it.

It has a community supporting it, hence, giving your content marketing strategy a tighter feedback loop.

What platforms should you be posting on?

Every platform contains a certain unique demographic.

As per several sources, Facebook now contains a much more mature audience, 30 and up, whilst Instagram's and Tiktok's are slightly younger.

The answer lies in testing.

Test Facebook for a week.

Youtube for another.

And Tiktok for the other.

The market will tell you what's right and what's wrong.

Just make sure to always link from your content to your centralized community, as this will help you create somewhat of a business flywheel effect.

The content will feed the community.

And the community will amp up the content.

The answer lies in testing, emulating, and then differentiating.

Should you be out of content ideas, then you're more than welcome to check what your competitors are doing.

It's ok to copy to an understandable extent.

Pablo Picasso was the one who quoted "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal"...

You don't necessarily have to copy your competitors' entire content marketing strategy, but you can borrow up to 70% and then sprinkle your 30% of differentiation on top.

The first step lies in creating.

The next in standing out.

To end it, I'd like to leave you with this quote...

"Good marketing doesn't feel like marketing"


Hope you found this of value.

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