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Content Marketing Basics 🤘 Reverse Engineering Content Based On Channels

So within this post which I wrote up shortly after filming a video on the topic, I discuss how to increase content efficacy by reverse engineering the content based on distribution channels…

Real quick:

Say I want to talk to my friend about something important…

I know my friend, (Target Market/Demographic)

I know what I want to say, (Intended Message)

I know the result I desire from this conversation. (Desired Result)

And, I’ll typically craft my message based upon my friend’s character/preferences in order to maximise the possibility of my intended result…

As simple as 1+1…

Effective content marketing consists of an identical structure…

I know my audience,

I know my content,

I know what I want them to do,

It’s VERY common, however, for people to mix it up when marketing (communicating) en masse…

Many marketers literally forget to analyze the distribution channel/targeted demographic, let alone reverse-engineer the content based upon the targeted distribution channel.


A collection of poorly performing posts.

How do I avoid this?

Two things to consider…

1| Keyword research your content topic prior to picking up the camera/pen… (Use tools like Google Trends, Keywordtool.io,

2| Research your distribution channels for the utmost reception of your content. Check the top-performing posts and mold the content style/language/format in accordance with what works.

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