Case Study: Increased Deal Flow By 300% & Thought Leader in less than 90 days...

International Blockchain Consulting is amongst the industry's leading Blockchain Consulting & Service Providers within the uprising crypto space.

The firm relies primarily on B2B consulting & service-based transactions, with a primary focus on helping projects actualize their fundraising goals.

The crypto industry itself is rather new and turbulent to say the least, however, seems to be moving in the right direction over time as financial regulation gets amped up.

IBC, International Blockchain Consulting, sought assistance in both it's lead generation & content marketing plan.

They wanted to boost their monthly B2B deal flow, as well as attempt to position the firm as an industry thought leader.

Our proposition centred around Linkedin Automated Lead Generation, Email Outreaches, as well as Linkedin & Youtube Native Content Marketing.

We identified both the outreach targets and the content's target audience and began rolling out our B2B Growth Hacking Strategies.

Our workload consisted of the following:

- Posting of daily content related to crypto topics across Linkedin, whilst also boosting the content with relevant Linkedin Engagement Pods.

- Running daily automated Linkedin outreaches across several accounts to crypto project CEOs & CMOs with a call oriented template.

- Posting & Repurposing of daily video content across both Linkedin & Youtube, using Linkedin Engagement pods to game Linkedin's content algorithm whilst optimizing the videos accordingly on Youtube in sync with Youtube's best practises.

- Building Whatsapp groups for the firm through the use of Linkedin Automation & Cold Email Outreaches with the focus of building of a community of project owners around the firm.


Not only were we able to increase their deal flow by 300% but also positioned the firm as an industry thought leader in as little as 90 days.

The outreaches served as the forefront of the strategy whilst the content positioned them on leading keywords like "Initial Exchange Offering" and gave them "omnipresence" across their most productive B2B platform, Linkedin.

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