Can You Send Automated Messages on Instagram...

Short Answer: Yes (you can still send automated messages on Instagram in Q4 2020)

But wait...

Long Answer: It's pretty complicated but still do-able, and above all scalable.

Now, before I get into the how's and technicalities associated with Instagram automation allow me to mention that it's simply getting more complicated each year.

There was once a time where you didn't even need a proxy...

But as Instagram's userbase increases, and as more & more individuals start taking advantage of this, it's not much of a surprise to see Instagram gradually 10xing their anti-automation measures.

Especially when Russian bots are mass-automating in an effort to influence US elections...

Conspiracies aside though...

Let's get into what's needed to send automated messages on Instagram:

First & foremost, you need accounts. Yes, you can use your own profile but that's just way too risky at the moment. This is exactly why I recommend you purchase a secondary aged account/accounts and automate through that.

This will minimize the risk drastically.

Sources to purchase accounts from include and others; just check out BlackHatWorld for more.

Secondly, you need proxies. I am not talking about any proxies. I am talking high-quality premium 4G/LTE proxies.

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As per our latest trial & error results, they seem to be the only ones that stand the test of time.

Forget about free proxies, as free means a lack of a paywall and thus everybody is using them, hence a higher chance of them being dirty/blacklisted.

Lastly, you'll need your automation tool. The ones we've used & found to work (when paired with a good proxy) include Phantombuster & Jarvee.

Everything else seems to be buggy.

These automation tools, not only allow for automated messaging but also mass liking, scraping, etc.

The full package.

Cost-wise, they're both pretty cheap; with Phantombuster coming at approximately 30$ per month and Jarvee at 29$.

Most of the cost will be accrued on the proxies, especially high-quality ones.

Note that as per my latest call with an individual automating 500+ Instagram accounts during the Trump / Biden elections, one single high-quality proxy can host up to 5 accounts.

Now as per a metrics perspective, considering that you're automating with a high-quality proxy and one of the aforementioned tools, every account can send up to 50 messages daily, therefore from a scalability factor, 5 accounts can send approx 250 messages.

That's where the magic happens.

Note though, that Instagram DMs cannot include links. Links can only be included in Swipe Up stories & bio's which brings me to another cool concept called the "motherslave" build, where essentially a bunch of "slave"/fake accounts are all driving traffic to one main with strong social proof/high follower count and a link in its BIO.

That's just one format though.


Hope you found this of value.

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Kyrill Krystallis

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