Can We Scrape Data From Facebook?

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of "Can We Scrape Data From Facebook"...

*Full video how to scrape Facebook's business pages located at the bottom*

Short Answer: Yes, we can scrape data from Facebook.

Long Answer: It gets a little complicated...

In the video below, you see me showcasing exactly how to scrape Facebook's collection of business pages for both emails & phone numbers.

The process is relatively simple, considering you have some minimal experience with scrapers/Scrapebox.

It all starts of with Facebook's central business page:

We then select a category, copy the url format and plug into Scrapebox with the differentiator being the location.

An example for instance, could include us scraping Butchers in the UK.

In the aforementioned scenario, we'd be working with this url:

We'd plug it into Scrapebox as: AND "London"

*Should we want to scrape all the Butcher's in the London area.

We would add several locations in our Scrapebox keyword section to differentiate the locations and, effectively increase our scraped yield.

Once the scrape is complete, we'd then extract all the urls into a CSV and add a "about" at the end of every url. The reason behind this is because that's where the contact details are located.

*Watch the video for that full process.

Once all the urls have an "about" section added to them, we then launch the email grabber directly on the list and voila...

We've just scraped Facebook.

Enjoy guys, and don't forget to pre-clean all your emails.

Kyrill Krystallis.

Hope you found this of value.

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