Calendly Event Export | Quick & Easy Calendly Growth Hack 🤖

Updated: Jan 21

Kyrill Krystallis explaining exactly how to retarget everybody that has ever scheduled a call with you via Calendly.

What is up, Growth Hacker)

Back here with another growth hack for you!

This one is SUPER simple but very often overlooked!

Not even a growth hack TBH, more of a quick tip with an immediate ROI. (ROI depends on how long your Calendly has been around for...)

The older, the better.

Like wine...

Like whiskey...


Alright, I'll stop.

Briefly put, I am guiding you over a simple Calendly growth hack that essentially allows you to re-target literally EVERYONE that has ever organized a call with you.

Like since the beginning of time...

Actions steps here are very simple:

  • You need to open up the main event where most calls are scheduled,

  • Export the list,

  • Pre-validate the emails with the Super Email Validator (expert tip)....

  • Prepare a brief copy.

  • Send it out with Gmass, or mailchimp or whatever other software you're using.

Full process shown here 👆

What would the outreach email look like?

One idea of copy in this scenario could be along the lines of:

Hey (first_name), (name) here following with everyone that ever scheduled a call with me in the past year.

Despite global difficulties we've grown tremendously over this time:


Reaching to see how you are, and if there's any way we can add value to your company.

Let's get another catch up call booked for tomorrow.

Book a time that suits: (INSERT YOUR CALENDLY)


Hope you found this of value.

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Kyrill Krystallis

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