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Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of Automated Lead Generation in 2021...

Some days ago, I decided to create a video guiding growth hackers & "automators" over EVERYTHING I know on the topic of automated lead generation.

Purpose: This blog post is intended to work in conjunction with the video. However, the blog post can be used as a simplified structural guide whenever ideating on any campaign.

The result?

The aforementioned 41 minute video guiding you through literally every element necessary to run a successful automated lead generation campaign irrespective of platform.

The break down of every element is illustrated in the Miro board above. 🔥

Data: When we're referring to data, we mean data source. Linkedin is a data source, for instance. But what about non-social data sources, like Clutch.co/or Google Maps for instance? They require scraping & custom tool kits.

Scraper/Tools: To scrape data from the aforementioned sources, we use tools like Scrapebox, and Phantombuster's Map Scraper, etc. to export the urls & socials into CSV sheets, which we can later action, or enrich further.

Platform: Other than websites like Clutch, or Craigslist, or Yelp, we have more "social oriented" platforms like Linkedin & Facebook for example. These "databases" already contain in-built messenger functions which allow us to outreach to prospects directly through the platform, as well as scrape any data we're after.

Automation Tools: These are pre-built vanilla tools that allow us to automate existing social media platforms with relative ease. Think Phantombuster & Facebook, think Linkedin & Weconnect, etc. Pre-built with relatively easy plug & play functions usually simply requiring a cookie & proxy.

Accounts/Scalability: The biggest challenge regarding the aforementioned mix of platforms & automation tools is scalability. See, every account can perform a limited number of actions before it becomes REALLY APPARENT that it's automated. And that's exactly where account farms come into play... More accounts you have, more automated actions you can do.

Message (Result): The message is the initial deliverable... It's the initial point of contact you're bound to have the prospect. Send out a message that's relevant, to the point & well structured and you have somebody's attention... Send a message that's unstructured, spammy and non-relevant, and you've got yourself the opposite. Copywriting is the absolute key here, as it will make or break an outreach. Key components of a well-copywritten outreach are:

Knowing the market.

Describing applied features and not benefits.

Keeping it succinct.

Having a clear CTA.

Following up, if possible (Linkedin & Facebook)

Lead Magnets: There's literally two types of industries out there. Over-saturated & under-saturated industries.

Over-saturated industries are those industries where the exact same people get bombarded with the exact same offers over & over again.

Under-saturated industries are the exact opposite. They're those gems where a simple "Hey, we can do this for you..." is enough to get you on a call with a prospect...

Difference between the two is a concept I mention over & over again which revolves around desensitization.

Hear the same thing over & over again, and it becomes boring.

See the same thing over & over again, and it becomes boring.

Eat the same thing over & over again, and it becomes boring.

You get the gist.

So how do you stand out in an over-saturated industry where prospects have been greatly desensitized...

Differentiation & a value-first approach.

Make your approach a little more different, and attach some bait at the end of it. Hence, lead magnets...



Free Databases...


Illustrated examples of lead magnet ideas.


Anyways, pleasure writing this as always. Hope you found it of value. Make sure to sign up to our daily Growth Hacking newsletter from more.

Kyrill Krystallis, out.

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