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Growth Hacking Entry-Level Virtual Bootcamp (Powered by Inside Insight)

5 Growth Hacking Sessions - Designed to help you master as many as 7 of the world's most used platforms. 

Become a knowledgeable Growth Hacker in as little as 14 days by understanding the tools & technical know-how required to propel just about any start-up to it's mid-game. 

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Why Growth Hacking is a skill you definitely need?

Growth Hacking is essentially the mix of "ingenuity and technology" all aimed at generating low-cost highly effective growth for companies. 

As a craft, it's essentially no older than 10 years old. 

Airbnb was amongst the first companies to bring Growth Hacking into light when they decided to auto-post their listings on Craigslists, hence, essentially hijacking their traffic and userbase.

We teach you to think in a manner alike to world class Growth Hackers, whilst also having the technical know-how to execute.


It's a skill-set, an art, a way of thought, and essentially allows you to plug yourself into ANY company with the methods necessary to ignite that initial flame.

Online Bootcamp by Growth Hackers - for Growth Hackers: 

Inside Insight is not only a boutique Growth Hacking agency, but has also become a Growth Hacking hub of sorts within the past year and a half.  

We not only service clients on their "grey-hat" requests, and maintain a Growth Hacking Blog that's updated with latest growth hacks, but also host some of the world's biggest Growth Hacking communities consisting of the best of the best from a wide array of industries. 

What you'll be able to do after this Bootcamp:

Within 14 days, our utmost goal is to bring you up to speed and at a point where you're capable of utilizing the world's biggest platforms for your, and in some your company's, growth hacking needs. 

We'll be showing you how to Growth Hack: 


Hyper-Targeted Linkedin Automated Outreaches.

On-point Linkedin Content Marketing Campaigns boosted by Engagement Pods. 

Entire Linkedin Personal Email Extractions.


Scrape hundreds of numbers at once using state of the art extensions.

Roll out mass outreaches to a pre-defined list of scraped numbers. 


Content Marketing Campaigns Backed By Mass Upvote Bots that have the ability to substitute a start-ups entire ad spend... 


Article optimization tips used to outrank entire SEO optimized websites on the keywords that matter most to you and your firm.


Mass Facebook Outreaches To A Pre-Defined Audience of Profiles. 

Entire Facebook Group Scrapes & our so-called "Group Hijacks".


In-depth explanation how to scrape search results and convert them into pre-cleaned email lists.

Two-Step Cold Email Campaigns That Don't End Up in Spam. (Close to Guaranteed) 


Advanced Youtube Optimization Ranking Strategies. Literally the exact same strategies we've used to rank within the top 5 results on hundreds of keywords.


Advanced rundown of Quora manipulation for using it to rank on search results both organically and via Google's SERP Rich Snippet Feature. 

After attending our Entry Level Growth Hacking Bootcamp you'll essentially be able to boost the initial acceleration of any start-up/company you decide to do business with. 


Kyrill Krystallis

"I Initially started the communities that are actively backing this Bootcamp in an effort to learn more about Growth Hacking. 

I am a firm believer that if you want to rise amongst the best in anything, regardless of it being business or marketing, then make sure to surround yourself with the craft's top-performing players. 

Growth Hackers Inc. (my first community of Growth Hackers) was just that...

A year and a half later, however, I've found myself re-teaching the acquired knowledge in masterminds, consulting calls and "one on ones" to those unaware of the strategies.

This made me eventually think, "Why not systematize this into Bootcamp in a way where other marketers and entrepreneurs can bring themselves up to speed on topics like automation, scraping, outreaches and all those other topics most marketing courses don't teach..."

This Bootcamp is exactly just that;







14 DAYS ⏰

Every platform holds a certain demographic, and every tool serves a certain purpose. 


Within 14 days, and a total of 5 sessions, we aim to bring you up to speed on all of the state of the art platform Growth Hacks as well as give you an understanding on how to use the best & latest growth hacking tools on the market. 

All our sessions are divided accordingly to give you an understanding of 2 platforms at a time (and their related tool kits) with each session lasting anywhere from two to two and a half hours.

The fifth and final session concludes with an in-depth Q&A (questions and answers) round, allowing us to confirm that all attendees understand everything that's been taught and that NO ONE leaves with any question unanswered. 

2nd Growth Hacking Bootcamp (19 Spots Left) 🎈
Join Inside Insight's second Entry Level Growth Hacking Bootcamp. Our bootcamp is hosted by Kyrill Krystallis and is designed to bring you to basic growth hacking mastery of the world's most used platforms & most effective growth hacking tools.
Sep 02, 7:00 PM GMT+3 – Sep 16, 7:00 PM GMT+3
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